MD Rejuvenate

MD Rejuvenate

“There is evidence now about the urgency of supporting physician wellness. If doctors are healthier and more joyful in their work, then it also means better care for patients.”  ~ Dr. Joy Albuquerque, expert working group on the Canadian Medical Association National Physician Health Survey

According to the above-mentioned 2017 survey of almost 3,000 CMA members (residents and practicing physicians), 30% of Canadian physicians are experiencing burnout and 34% have symptoms of depression.  Over a 12-month period, 8% had suicidal ideation while 19% of physicians have had suicidal ideation at some point in their life.

What is the MD Rejuvenate program?

The MD Rejuvenate program includes a variety of ways to help busy doctors find fulfillment and reach their personal and career goals. I have created this program specifically designed for physicians because I am in a very unique position which allows me to effectively help doctors:

As an MD, I understand the rewards and challenges of medical practice.
As a former psychiatrist in practice for 27 years, I am experienced at working at deep levels to help people create change.
Since 2010, I have devoted much of my work to helping practicing physicians, residents and fellows, medical students, as well as their family members. As a psychiatrist, I had many patients referred to me by the OMA Physician Health Program (PHP) and the University of Toronto Resident Wellness Program. I am currently partnering with the PHP to provide physician wellness groups.
As a certified life coach. I am able to help doctors in their search for personal and career development.
As a trained spiritual director. I am interested and experienced in helping people develop a fulfilling spiritual life, in whatever personally meaningful ways they seek to create this.
What kind of program options are available?

1) Individual life coaching

2) One-time seminars such as “Self-care for the physician”

3) 8-week group coaching focused on physician wellness/resilience

Please refer to ‘Coaching For Doctors’ section below for further program details. 

You might benefit if:

• You used to find medicine satisfying but now you’re just going through the motions.
• You think you are experiencing burnout or at risk for it.
• Your life feels way out of balance.
• You’re tired of coping and want to feel like you’re thriving.
• Things are basically okay but you have the sense that something is missing.
• You wonder about the meaning of your life.
• You want to create a new vision for your life, or you already have a vision but are having trouble fulfilling it.
• You are bothered by fear and self-doubt. You want to learn to feel confident.



Individual Coaching

The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a
thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and
professional potential”.

Life coaching helps people lead more fulfilled and meaningful lives. Beginning with a focus on what already works for you (known as Appreciative Inquiry), coaching helps you identify and optimize your values and strengths.

Coaching helps you to look at the big picture of your life so that, if appropriate, you can adjust the path you are on. Coaching encourages deep reflection about yourself and your life in order to increase insight and awareness. It is about using this new understanding to make clear and new choices. Finally, it is about committing to taking action in order to create real and lasting change.

Individual coaching, by providing a 1:1 partnership with your coach, allows for highly personal and deep work, and is the fastest coaching route to creating change in your life.

Individual coaching can take place in person, by phone, or by video call (e.g. Zoom or FaceTime).

Physician Wellness Group

The aim of this group is to help each individual use their own inner knowledge of who they are, their values, passions, and strengths, to help guide them in new directions. The group is a supportive nonjudgmental place to be together with others, to offer and receive support, and to learn from others who are on a similar journey.

Each group meets weekly for two hours, for a total of 8 sessions. There is a different theme for each session. Examples include: values, personal strengths, self-care, perfectionism, etc. The group invites you to address powerful questions about your life, reflect deeply on these questions, and take the opportunity to plan action steps to move forward.

Components of sessions will include meditation and reflection exercises, journaling, thought-provoking readings, as well as planning and actively working on goals in a variety of life areas.

"Self-Care for the Physician" Workshop


This is an interactive 3-hour workshop. In this workshop, we will look at areas such as:

•  What you’re already doing for self-care that is helpful.
•  What you may be doing for self-care that is not actually helpful.
•  What makes you feel most alive and energized.
•  Where you’d like to get to regarding self-care.
•  What gets in the way, with a special cognitive coaching focus on thoughts and beliefs that get in the way.
•  What and whom can support you?
•  An action plan for change, and a commitment to act on it.

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By focusing on concrete strategies and actions in a very compassionate and non- judgmental way, Dr. Erlich’s coaching was instrumental in helping me to move closer to the person I want to be both professionally and personally. After three years of working with Dr. Erlich, I am more confident, assertive, and honest with myself and those around me. This has helped me to be a better doctor, friend and family member.
Dr. M
Dr. Erlich’s impact of my life has been profound. Through deliberate focus on understanding my approach to life situations at home and at work, I have begun to grasp how I can positively impact all situations with patience, compassion and positivity. I have also learned much about life balance in a high stress job, and how to pull myself from tragedy and move forward. I value the time we share together, and highly recommend Dr. Erlich to everyone.
Dr. F

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