Guiding medical professionals to find confidence,

Feel balance in their lives,

And rediscover their passions.

Over 25 Years
In Psychiatry

Along with private practice, also worked at CAMH, Mt. Sinai Hospital, Princess Margaret Hospital, and U of T Student Psychiatric Service.

Professionally Trained
Medical Doctor

Graduated from University of Toronto Medical School.


Trained at the Adler School. Certified by International Coaching Federation.


Coaching Made for Medical Professionals

I know better than anyone how hard it can be for medical professionals to prioritize their own needs and seek help.

As an MD and a former psychiatrist in practice for 27 years, I have a deep understanding of the daily demands, pressures, and the specific difficulties that medical professionals face. 

Through my own experiences, I bring a unique approach to coaching medical professionals. Whether alleviating burnout, rediscovering fulfillment or achieving the balance necessary to reach personal and career goals, I can help you.

Just by considering coaching, you’re demonstrating a desire to grow and succeed in achieving your goals. And when medical professionals succeed in coaching, their entire community benefits. That’s one of the reasons I’ve dedicated my coaching practice to medical professionals.

How can life coaching make a difference?

Life coaching can help you move towards the life you dream of having. •  Life coaching can help you thrive  •  You’ll feel alive  •  You’ll pinpoint your purpose, and a sense of meaning for your life  •  You’ll learn to tune into and follow your inner guidance • You’ll learn to comfortably seek help when it’s needed  •  You’ll improve your skills in work, home life, dating, friendships, health and wellness, life balance, and recreation  •  Life coaching can help you calm your fears and self-doubt, and act boldly with confidence.

I am thrilled to express my gratitude to Dr. Murray Erlich, my professional life coach, for the transformative impact on my journey as a family doctor. Before seeking Dr. Erlich's guidance, I faced challenges in balancing the demands of my medical practice and maintaining a fulfilling personal life. Dr. Erlich's tailored coaching approach, deep understanding of the medical profession, and practical insights have been instrumental in navigating these complexities. His guidance has not only enhanced my clinical skills but has also provided me with effective strategies for managing the unique stressors faced by doctors. Dr. Erlich's support has resulted in not just professional growth but also a newfound sense of balance and fulfillment in my role. I highly recommend Dr. Murray Erlich to fellow doctors seeking a dedicated and insightful professional life coach. He understands the nuances of our profession and is a true ally in achieving success both in and outside the medical practice. Thank you, Dr. Erlich, for being the prescription for my professional success!
Dr. Sarah M.
Family Physician, Sundridge & District Medical Centre
Transition from a successful and busy career to retirement is not easy. As a facilitator of complex change processes in the Canadian health sector for many years, I decided to retain an expert coach to facilitate my own personal change process and "rewirement" to this new phase of my life. Dr. Murray Erlich has brought the best of his combined experience as a certified life coach and a retired psychiatrist to our work together. He listens carefully and synthesizes themes and issues for discussion in a very organized and supportive way.
He has guided me gently but firmly in systematically identifying both my strengths to build on and the challenges that I need to address going forward.
He also brings to our conversations a breadth of excellent resources to explore further between our meetings.
This has been a terrific retirement investment!
Maureen Q.
Medical Professional

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