Find your path,

reach your goals,

maximize your potential.

25+ years in psychiatry

Along with private practice, also worked at CAMH, Mt. Sinai Hospital, Princess Margaret Hospital, and U of T Student Psychiatric Service.

Professionally Trained medical Doctor

Graduated from University of Toronto Medical School.

Certified Coach

Trained at the Adler School. Certified by International Coaching Federation.

Trained Spiritual Director

Trained at the Toronto School of Theology, a part of the University of Toronto.

Why might you want Life Coaching?

Do you want to move toward the life you dream of having?  •  Are you looking to discover a new vision of yourself or your life?  •  Are you coping but want to be able to thrive?  •   Do you want to feel more alive?  •  Do you feel like something is missing in your life, perhaps a sense of meaning or purpose?  •  Is there an area in your life where you want to improve your skills or feel happier about? It might be work, home life, dating life, friendships, health and wellness, life balance, fun and recreation, etc.  •  Do you want to learn to act boldly and not be led by fear and self-doubt?


life coaching set reachable goals
… a partnership. Your coach has the tools and resources to help you along the path you choose.
… a look at the big picture of your life.
… about what kind of person you want to be and what kind of life you want to live.
… becoming more authentically yourself — discovering who you really are underneath the many ways that the world has shaped all of us.
… learning to use your values and your strengths in order to live a life of fulfillment and purpose.
… moving from just surviving to thriving.
… learning and growth.
… learning to trust yourself as you find your answers from within.
… solution and results focused.
… learning what works to support your goals and what gets in the way.
… holding yourself accountable to seeing your goals through.

Coaching For Doctors

As a MD and a former psychiatrist in practice for 27 years, I have a deep understanding of the daily demands, pressures, and the specific difficulties that doctors face. I have personally designed the MD Rejuvenate program to help busy doctors to prevent burnout, find fulfillment and achieve the balance necessary to reach their personal and career goals. 

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Burn Out

I am deeply grateful for Murray's support and coaching when I face situations that require change, but don't know how to help myself move forward. He creates a safe compassionate space where I can talk honestly without fear of judgement, and he is empathic and makes me feel that he sincerely cares about my well being. He honours my goals, and structures our time together to reflect my concerns and priorities. I have benefited greatly from his wise and patient guidance.
Murray has been coaching me on career change and helping me find my "calling". He has been helping me figure out how to tap into my potential, release fears, and follow my dreams. His psychiatrist background gives him a deep understanding of people and enables him to provide insightful perspectives. Murray is an excellent Life Coach and his coaching has been instrumental in helping me find direction. If you hire Murray as your Life Coach, you are hiring the best!
Enterprise Software Executive/Entrepreneur

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