About Me

About Me

My Background and Experience

Dr. Murray Erlich Certified Life Coach in Toronto Canada
Dr. Murray Erlich

I am a retired psychiatrist and certified life coach through the International Coaching Federation.

As a psychiatrist, I specialized in the treatment of anxiety disorders. My areas of expertise include Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, mindfulness training, and assertiveness training. Along with my 27 years of private practice, I worked at CAMH, Mt. Sinai Hospital, Princess Margaret Hospital, and the University of Toronto Student Psychiatric Service.

In the latter years of my psychiatric practice, I focused my work primarily on the treatment of a variety of professionals. I had a very strong working relationship with the Physician Health Program of the Ontario Medical Association. I also worked with the Ontario Lawyer Assistance Program, a part of the Law Society of Ontario. I have worked with a large number of medical professionals, and a wide variety of business and academic leaders.

As a life coach, my main areas of interest include healthy and personally sustainable career development, prevention and healing of burnout, career transitions, physician self-care, and the medical system and its culture. I am also very experienced at helping people with many other types of individual and interpersonal concerns, such as work-life balance, healthy self-confidence, and healthy interpersonal relationships.

My Approach

My life coach training at the Adler School instilled the philosophy that each of us is whole, creative, self-guiding, and meaning-making. Each of us has unique strengths and gifts with which we can create a life of meaning. As your coach, I will help you explore these strengths and gifts to help you find your growth path.

From my work as a psychiatrist, I bring tools primarily from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. This involves helping you learn to explore, question, and revise unhelpful beliefs, assumptions, and negative self-talk (“the inner critic”). I bring the ability to help you reflect deeply on yourself and your life. I also bring a respectful, supportive and nonjudgmental approach to our work.

By focusing on concrete strategies and actions in a very compassionate and non-judgmental way, Dr. Erlich’s coaching was instrumental in helping me to move closer to the person I want to be both professionally and personally. After three years of working with Dr. Erlich, I am more confident, assertive, and honest with myself and those around me. This has helped me to be a better doctor, friend and family member.
Dr. M.
This was my first experience with coaching. Murray astutely guided me towards a better understanding of my authentic self and what makes me tick. He helped me identify certain thought patterns that were limiting me and creating unhappiness in my work life. He encouraged me to implement actionable steps and armed me with the tools I needed to bring my dreams to fruition. Working with Murray has been transformational!
Sherri F.
Family Medicine

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