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333 Eglinton Avenue East
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M4P 1L7

Murray has been coaching me on career change and helping me find my "calling". He has been helping me figure out how to tap into my potential, release fears, and follow my dreams. His psychiatrist background gives him a deep understanding of people and enables him to provide insightful perspectives. Murray is an excellent Life Coach and his coaching has been instrumental in helping me find direction. If you hire Murray as your Life Coach, you are hiring the best!
Enterprise Software Executive/Entrepreneur
I am deeply grateful for Murray's support and coaching when I face situations that require change,but don't know how to help myself move forward. He creates a safe compassionate space where I can talk honestly without fear of judgement, and he is empathic and makes me feel that he sincerely cares about my well being. He honours my goals, and structures our time together to reflect my concerns and priorities. I have benefited greatly from his wise and patient guidance.
M. G.